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Porter Poirier, B.S. Horticulture, CLA

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Working in the field of landscape design and horticulture for over 30 years has given me many exciting opportunities to work with people in their home environments. Many of us are looking for ways to reconnect with, care for and make a difference in support of the natural world and the environment as a whole. My answer is that when a home garden becomes an oasis for both humans and wildlife, both property owner and environment benefit. With skillful design, a garden can be a beautiful sanctuary for people and the native creatures we so often displace. This "wildlife gardening" approach can work at any scale from urban rooftop garden to country estate.

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nathan fillion drive interviewnathan fillionnathan fillion drive interview My designs emphasize a "climate appropriate" approach that means working with, and not in opposition to the natural forces like wind, sun, slope, soils and climate that so profoundly influence any site. Designing a garden that's low-maintenance and water-thrifty saves work, time, and resources. Reuse and recycling of such durable materials as gravel, stone, wood and on-site paving materials in new and creative ways, gives your place a charm that's often hard to get with new materials alone. Plants chosen to attract wildlife, fit the climate and fill their role in the garden, along with appropriate, well-chosen hard-scape can come together with your particular needs and site to create a unique and harmonious whole. I help clients think through their needs realistically and then scale design elements appropriately for their lifestyle.

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I look forward to helping you plan your new garden that not only gives you the good life, but also does Life good. Contact me to begin discussing your needs and wants.

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